Full Release: 2014-10-21-Hayes Esquire Same Sex Divorce & PreNup Release

PHOENIX, AZ – Marriage has legal consequences not often anticipated on the wedding day.
Now that same‐sex marriages are recognized in Arizona, even if performed in another state, the
flip side of marriage – same‐sex divorce – is now also recognized.

“Same‐sex couples who are Arizona residents can now file in Arizona to become unmarried,”
said Cody Hayes, family law attorney practicing in Scottsdale.

“My job is to help people become unmarried without ruining the rest of their lives, “said Mr.
Hayes. “Because I spend my time helping people dissolve marriages I am familiar with the
topics to address beforehand which will save time, money and agony in the event of a divorce.”
Mr. Hayes advises same‐sex couples to avoid making common marriage mistakes.
A common – and costly – financial mistake involves managing marital finances.

“People think that by managing their finances separately that at the time of divorce the court
will acknowledge the separate nature of the property. Not true. Without a written agreement
between the parties before marriage all property acquired during the marriage will be divided
equally,” said Mr. Hayes.

Other common mistakes include subscribing to the myth that prenups mean “you don’t really
love me” when, according to Mr. Hayes, prenups provide protection from creditors and give the
parties control over marital property they wouldn’t have without an agreement. Additionally
paying or receiving spousal support is an often‐overlooked consideration.

Cody Hayes is a family law attorney practicing in the Phoenix metro area. Mr. Hayes helps
people become unmarried without ruining the rest of their lives. In practice since April 2013,
Mr. Hayes’ interest in family law began years before law school when, in 2004 he founded the
Arizona Center for Divorce Education to host free monthly information seminars for people
considering Divorce.  For more information, contact Mr. Hayes at (480) 300‐5777 or online
at  See Also: www.MyPrenup.Lawyer