Resolve My Pending Case

Hayes Esquire works with individuals and attorneys involved in high conflict family law cases to put an end to the agony of divorce. Our process allows the parties to make their own decisions (as long as they are making progress) and then transfers any unresolved issues to a neutral third-party arbitrator who provides a final resolution to the case. The divorce is over, families are left in tact, and the stress and expense often associated with prolonged litigation is alleviated: The parties and their children can move on with their lives.

If you are a party to a case (Wife, Husband, Father, or Mother) interested in resolving the issues in dispute and moving forward with your life, please VISIT THIS LINK to schedule a consultation.

If you are a Legal Services Provider (Attorney, Judge, Judicial Staff, Mediator, Certified Legal Document Preparer etc.) and you are interested in referring a case to Hayes Esquire for resolution, please VISIT THIS LINK to get started.