Divorce Wisdom

The quotes on this page have been submitted by real women & men who have been through divorce; this is their wisdom and they have asked us to share it with you. The quotes are unedited.

For anyone with kids going through or is divorced, take my word for it, you will have to continue a relationship with the ahole/bitch no matter if you like it or not. It’s up to you what that inescapable relationship will be. Obviously not romance, but it doesn’t have to be a nagging tragedy either. I’m saying this today because my kids, who’ve spent the past 10 years living in two separate households, are approaching teeagedom. Recently their parent time schedule has been somewhat decided by them. If our parenting relationship was not coordinated in our disciplines, this would be problematic. Today my daughter decided to come home to me (my weekend sans kids) We ate pizza, snuggled up in bed and watched the great Gatsby. That was followed by an intelligent conversation on the subtle themes of the story. This day never would have happened if her dad and I were unwilling to remember that we are both good parents that enrich our kids lives no matter.


-A.F. Cave Creek, AZ March 30, 2014


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